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More on Herman Cain

I don’t know what his chances are in the 2012 election, but I hope that more people are learning about Herman Cain. I prefer a business leader or governor over a politician because of the management experience. Herman Cain has great credentials and he has a great story.

Matt Lewis published this article on Herman Cain on the Daily Caller, From the Back of the Bus to the White House. Take a look to learn more about Mr. Cain.

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Herman Cain

I’m starting to warm up to the thought of Herman Cain running for President.  I like the fact that he is an ex-CEO and has a track record of turning around struggling businesses.  He is a self-made man with a lot of practical business, management and leadership experience.  I’m trying to do some research into his views so that I have a better understanding of how he might govern.  He is the kind of person that I want to see get involved in Presidential politics.  Here is an article posted on the Daily Caller by Mr. Cain,

I certainly like Mr. Cain more that the re-treads from the last election.  I don’t get excited about Romney or Huckabee.  I like Sarah Palin, but I don’t want her to run for President because I don’t think she is electable.  Even thought I don’t think it is her fault, she is very polarizing and many have strong opinions against her.  I’m hoping that Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas will get into the race as well.  I like what he has been able to accomplish in Texas.


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